Worst Food for Gout: These 5 Harmless Vegetables Increase Uric Acid

Worst Food for Gout
Written by Rusch Sharma

Worst Food for Gout: These 5 Harmless Vegetables Increase Uric Acid in the Body, Dietician Says to Quit Today to Reduce Pain

Worst Food for Gout

Uric acid is a serious disease. If anyone get affected by this disease, complex problems appear in the body. One such problem is Gout. So experts say to be careful. If you have the problem of uric acid, you have to avoid certain foods (Worst Food for Gout) . In this case, it is known that some vegetables are not even eaten (Worst Vegetables for Uric Acid).

In this context, Ishani Gangopadhyay, chief dietician of Apollo 24*7 Dr. Utsha Basu’s Clinic in Kolkata, said that many problems can actually arise because of uric acid. Now many people are suffering from uric acid problem. If uric acid increases, some serious symptoms can be seen in the body. It can even be gout. In this case, the legs are very painful. There may even be pain elsewhere in the body. So be careful about this disease.

Worst Food for Gout: These 5 Harmless Vegetables Increase Uric Acid

Ishani Gangopadhyay also said that gout can usually be caused by eating more purine-containing foods. Now it has been seen that Purine is more in animal protein. But it’s not just purines that cause problems. In that case, there is also a problem from compounds called oxalate. So be careful about this. In this case , distance from certain foods must be kept (Worst Food for Gout).

Now this oxalate is in good amount in some vegetables, So you should avoid those vegetables. Only then will it be possible to solve the problem. This should be kept in mind. Otherwise, the problem will increase, the book will not decrease. Now let’s know which vegetables should be eaten less if you have uric acid (Worst Vegetables for Uric Acid)-

Avoid Spinach in Gout

Ishani Gangopadhyay said that spinach is rich in iron, vitamins and minerals. This food is also full of antioxidants. Now it has been seen that eating too much of this great food can lead to many problems. These include oxalates. And that’s bad for uric acid. So stay away from this food and eat it in limited amount. In this way you can stay away from this problem.

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Eating tomato increases uric acid (Tomato)

Ishani Gangopadhyay said, tomatoes are the main ingredient wgile preparing any food. Dietary fiber is abundant in this food. Now it has been found that this food is good for the body due to its high amount of dietary fiber and vitamin C. Tomatoes also contain other vitamins and minerals. However, due to the presence of oxalates, uric acid can increase even if you eat this food. So be cautious.

Lady finger is not good for uric acid.

Ishani Gangopadhyay says that you must keep some distance from certain foods. One such vegetable is lady finger. In fact, this seemingly harmless vegetable contains antioxidants. In that case, this food can increase uric acid a lot. This is very important to keep in mind.

Asparagus causes gout

Ishani Gangopadhyay said, this food is not eaten much in the city. Mostly consumed in villages. But you will be surprised to know that this food also contains a lot of oxalates. And this oxalate can increase the problem of gout. So it is said that if you want to stay away from gout, you should eat this food and pull the rash. Otherwise, problems will arise.

Beets should eat less uric acid (Beetroot).

Ishani Gangopadhyay said, it is a great vegetable. Beet root is very rich in iron, antioxidants and so many other minerals. It has been found that if you eat this food regularly, many problems can be solved. Because beets contain beta-carotene. But in many cases, this food increases the problem of gout patients. So take the advice of a nutritionist as per your physical health.

Disclaimer: The report is written for awareness and information purposes only. Consult a doctor before taking any decision.

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