Kidney Friendly Diet: 5 Foods To Keep Your Kidney Healthy

Kidney Friendly diet and food
Written by Rusch Sharma

Healthy Diet For Kidney: These 5 foods are elixir for kidney, start having kidney friendly diet as eating harmful toxins will be seized! As per Nutritionist

Kidney Friendly Diet:

Kidney is a very important part of our body. This organ removes all the bad substances from the body. But still people don’t want to think about this crucial organ that much. That is why the number of kidney patients are increasing now.

The food we eat contains even toxins that accumulate in the kidneys. So every person must be prepared with this matter. In this case, some foods can definitely keep the kidneys healthy (Healthy Diet For Kidneys). You have to keep having these kidney friendly diet and food.

In this context, Ishani Gangopadhyay, Chief Dietitian of Dr. Utsha Basu’s Clinic, said that the kidney is actually a filter. This organ eliminates all the bad substances from the body. If the kidney is not healthy, harmful substances cannot be removed from the body. So you have to be very cautious and careful for your this very important organ kidney.

Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure are bad for kidneys. In that case chronic kidney disease (CKD) may occur. But this disease is very complicated. This disease creates serious problems in the body. People have to worry about kidney friendly diet and food if they have this disease.

Ishani Gangopadhyay said, actually there are some foods that are good for kidney (Healthy Diet For Kidney). Try to add such foods. Because if you keep that food on the plate (Best Foods for Kidney Health), many problems can be solved. So there is no reason to worry for now.

Following are five kidney friendly diet and food that you must include in your meal:

Fresh fruits are good for kidneys.

Ishani Gangopadhyay said that any fresh fruit can be good for kidneys . In fact, the antioxidants present in the fruits are beneficial for the kidneys. But be careful if you already have kidney disease. In that case, fruits with low potassium should be eaten. Guava, pear, jamrul etc will come in this list.

Fresh vegetables keep the kidneys clean.

We should put vegetables in every person’s mouth. In this case, fresh vegetables are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. So this food is a must eat. But if you have kidney disease, you have to eat vegetables with low potassium such as shrimp, potal, chiching. Besides, you can eat medium potassium containing vegetables like potato, bhendi, papaya etc.

Eat meat to keep kidneys healthy (Lean Meat)

Protein is needed to keep the kidneys healthy. In this case, lean meat should be eaten. You can eat chicken. But avoid some special foods like redmeat, mutton etc. This way you can live well. Otherwise, the problem will increase.

Drink enough water to keep the kidneys healthy.

Every person must drink water in adequate quantity. In this case, it has been seen that if there is a shortage of water in the body, then kidney problems are created. In that case, drink at least 3 liters of water a day . However, if you have kidney disease, you should drink water in moderation. In that case take the doctor’s advice.

Coconut water keeps kidneys healthy.

Coconut water actually contains good amount of electrolytes naturally. These electrolytes are especially needed by the kidneys. It has been found that if you want to keep your kidneys healthy, you used to drink coconut water. Now you can do it once or twice a week. If possible then make sure to drink it daily.

Disclaimer: The report is written for awareness and information purposes only. Consult a doctor before taking any decision.

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