5 Best Drinks For Kidney Stones: Nutritionists advise

5 Best Drinks For Kidney Stones
Written by Rusch Sharma

Kidney Stones Diet: Make these 5 Best Drinks For Kidney stones at home and drink them to dissolve it, as per expert nutritionist.

Best Drinks for Kidney Stones: Kidney stone patients are increasing now. It has been observed that many people do not understand what to do after being affected by this disease.

But if the stone is small, this problem can be reduced through diet. That is , kidney stones can be easily cured with the help of diet (Kidney Stones Diet). Our kidney works like a filter in the body . From here various bad substances come out through urine. However, it has been seen that some minerals start accumulating in the kidney due to various reasons.

At initial stage it is very small. But then it started increasing in size. Then kidney stone is formed. When it comes to kidney stones, most of the time people do not understand where the problem lies. So you need to know the symptoms of kidney stone. If diagnosed early, these stones often pass without surgery.

Ishani Gangopadhyay, Chief Dietitian , Apollo 24*7, Dr. Utsha Basu’s Clinic said, in this case it should be kept in mind that kidney stones can be removed through diet (Kidney Stones Diet). In particular, citrus fruits are good for the kidneys. It has been observed that the citric acid present in the juice of this fruit prevents the accumulation of minerals in the kidneys.

Now let’s know 5 such drinks (Drinks for kidney stones) which remove kidney stones –

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5 Best Drinks For Kidney Stones

1. Guava Juice is Effective in Removing Kidney Stones (Guava Juice)

Ishani Gangopadhyay said, Guava can easily reduce this problem. Guava contains good amount of vitamin C. This vitamin is very effective against kidney stones. Guava also contains other antioxidants. So consume it’s juice not the seeds to reduce kidney stones.

2. Tomato juice is good for kidney stones.

Ishani Gangopadhyay said that tomato is a great food. Tomato contains good amount of beta carotene and also been found to contain vitamin C. Tomatoes can remove all these kidney stones. But you have to just consume its juice not the seeds.

3. Mosambi Lemon Effective in Kidney Stones (Sweet Lemon Juice)

Ishani Gangopadhyay said, Mosambi is available throughout the year. It contains various essential minerals and vitamins starting from vitamin C, potassium. Besides, it should be kept in mind that the vitamin C contained in it is good for the body. Kidney stones can easily be reduced by consuming mosambi if it is small in size. So keep that in mind.

4. Orange Juice Can Remove Kidney Stones (Orange Juice) Oranges are great to eat.

Oranges are the rich source of vitamin C. This fruit generally available in winters. And you have to consume It’s juice as much as you can. It has been found that oranges are very effective in this disease due to their high levels of vitamin C and abundance of antioxidants. So consuming oranges to reduce kidney stones.

5. Drink lemon juice if you have kidney stones (Lemon Juice)

Ishani Gangopadhyay says, Lemon cannot be underestimated, as it is the power house of Vitamin C. Now it has been seen that if you can eat leaves with lemon juice, many times small stones come out. But in this disease always take the advice of a doctor.

Disclaimer: The article is written for awareness and information purposes. Consult a doctor before taking any decision.

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