Tremendous Benefits Of Soaked Dates

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Benefits Of Soaked Dates: Just eat 4 soaked dates every morning, you will never have to go to the doctor! Eating fruits is recommended to maintain health. Fruits contain all those nutrients, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the body internal and externally both.

One such wonderful fruit is Dates. Dates have a natural sweetness and this is why they can be used as a healthy alternative to sugar (Health Benefits Of Dates).

If we talk about the nutrition of dates, then it is a storehouse of various nutrients including carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamin B, vitamin K, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and manganese. There are many benefits of eating dates. This nutritious fruit contains various types of antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties too.

Health Benefits Of Dates

This fruit improves digestive health, maintains heart health, regulates blood sugar, improves brain function. Dates have many benefits in Ayurveda. Ayurveda physician Diksha Bhavsar believes that dates are not hot in nature, but are very cooling and soothing in nature.

Benefits of eating dates in Ayurveda

  • Prevents constipation
  • Improves heart health
  • Helps control cholesterol
  • Improves bone health
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Increases sexual power in both men and women
  • Promotes brain health
  • Relieves fatigue (weakness).
  • prevents hair loss
  • Releaves in Arthritis pain
  • Reduces pimples and acne
  • Best for anemia
  • Promotes healthy weight gain
  • Helpful in preventing hemorrhoids
  • Prevents inflammation
  • Helps in healthy pregnancy
  • Best for your skin and hair
  • Helps increase strength and endurance

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Ayurvedic properties of dates

  • Rasa (Taste) – Madhura (Sweet)
  • Guna (qualities) – Guru (heavy for digestion),
  • Snigdha (abhorrent in nature).
  • Metabolism (post-digestive effect) – madhura (sweet)
  • Viriya (power) – Sheetla (coolness)
  • Karma (action) – Acts as vatapitta samsamaka (reduces excess vata and pitta) and valya (provides energy).

Best time to eat dates

Eat on an empty stomach in the morning before lunch Whenever you want sweets. With ghee at bedtime (for weight gain).

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How many dates to eat every day?

Remember that too much of anything can cause more harm than good, so you should keep this in mind when it comes to dates too. According to Ayurvedic doctors, two to three dates should be eaten daily. Those who want to gain weight can eat 4 dates per day.

Follow Ayurveda doctor’s advice

Benefits of eating soaked dates

Soaking dates removes the tannin or phytic acid present in them, which makes it easier to absorb its nutrients. They are easily digestible when soaked. So if you want to taste the dates and also absorb the nutrients from them, soak them overnight (8-10 hours) before eating them.

How useful are dates for children?

Dates are best for boosting health and immunity in children. Children who are underweight should eat one dates daily. It will help them to weight gain and will also improve haemoglobin percentage in the blood so that they get strong internally too. It can take 2-3 months to show the results.

Disclaimer: This report is for general information only.We do not claim any sort of medication. Always consult your doctor for more details and personal consultation.

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